‘Camilla has considerable experience assisting with acupuncture for fertility.  Having never tried acupuncture before, Camilla put me completely at ease and was incredibly helpful to talk through fertility queries.  Her treatment was professional, caring and confident.  We have Camilla to thank for our gorgeous baby girl - I can't thank her enough.’ Nicola

Pregnancy Support

'I booked my first acupuncture appointment because I wanted to become pregnant. A couple of days before my first treatment I found out that I was already pregnant. I did not cancel the treatment as I have heard so many stories about problems and illnesses during pregnancy. I was afraid that I would suffer from things like sickness, swellings, backache etc. so I decided to try acupuncture. Thanks to Camilla and her wonderful acupuncture treatments, which I had every other week for the whole 9 months, my pregnancy was perfect. I had no problems at all, the baby was doing very well, was in the right position weeks before the date of birth and she came exactly at the day she was supposed to. The last four weeks of my pregnancy I went to see Camilla weekly as I was hoping to have a fast and easy labour. And it did help: at the date of birth we went to the hospital at 1 pm and our little baby girl arrived at 3 pm. I am convinced that Camilla and her acupuncture treatments helped a lot and if I become pregnant again I will book treatments with her again - that's for sure!' Katrin


'Camilla has been invaluable in helping me to recover from a miscarriage and prepare myself for another pregnancy.  My weekly sessions with Camilla came to feel almost like therapy as we talked through my fears and anxieties and it was a real comfort to know that she was with me every step of the way.  I am now pregnant again and will continue my sessions with Camilla but for my physical and mental well-being.  I can't recommend her highly enough for anyone going through anything similar.’ Henrietta


‘I’ve been going to Camilla for treatment for 3 years now and always look forward to my

appointments as I know I’m going to be listened to, cared for and in a better state of health

when I leave. Camilla is obviously passionate about what she does and this comes across in

her level of knowledge and her genuine concern about your well being. I first went to see her

due to chronic period pain and hypersensitivity after an outbreak of herpes. The sensitivity has

now gone and my period pain is much more manageable, as I feel my body is in a stronger and

more balanced state due to regular acupuncture. I’m very grateful to Camilla for all her help.’ Jane

Stress Management

'That Camilla knows the art and science of acupuncture was obvious from the start.  Coming to London from California I had had quite a bit of experience with acupuncturists and was immediately at ease, knowing that with Camilla I would be in good hands.  Her interventions are targeted and effective but as importantly, she is simply a wonderful presence to have in one's life.  Easygoing, always positive, Camilla has a great sense of humour and takes her work seriously but herself less so.  She radiates warmth and genuine concern and in every way exemplifies the ethos of a true healer'  Tristan