Work Stress

Through our experience of treating patients in London, we’ve found that the majority of conditions stem1242902-1370398-thumbnail.jpg from work stress, bad diet, poor posture and repetitive strain - both mental and physical.

Time Pressure

To make matters worse, we've found that most people are unable or unwilling to take time out of their busy working schedule to address problems before they become chronic. This can leave people vulnerable to prolonged discomfort and long term health problems necessitating multiple days off sick.

At this point, everyone is a loser..... you suffer, due to a persistent health concern, and your employer suffers, because you cannot fulfil your role at work.  This is where we come in.


We aim to provide a convenient ‘in-house’ service to support the welfare of employees to enable them to enjoy productive, happy, illness-free careers.  This empowers you to maintain good health, rather than to wait for ill health to get the better of you.

Please contact us if you think that ACUWORKS could breathe some life into your office.